Who Is Marc Rosenkrans?

As the title says, I like to think of myself as a family man with a passion for traveling, marketing and life.  Fueled by an extreme curiosity of how things work and an undying entrepreneurial spirit, more than anything I love spending time with my family.

Marc and Ari Luca Rosenkrans

Me and Ari at a beach wedding

I began working for my father at a young age, and he instilled in me a strong work ethic. The rest of my career has been spent heavily in the sales and marketing fields with a strong emphasis in marketing management positions within the travel industry. I thrive when faced with challenges and derive satisfaction from completing projects. Being a quick learner, my sole focus since the birth of my son has been to not only provide for my family through digital marketing, but also have the time to enjoy life with them.


Marc and Ari at Maui Ocean Center

Up close and personal with sharks at Maui Ocean Center

My specialties are online marketing, marketing management, and creating online marketing funnels for successful small business owners that want to generate more leads and more sales. I enjoy using my intricate understanding of online marketing strategies such as email and affiliate marketing, video marketing and digital marketing to help a select group of clients generate more sales both online and on location.

Currently living in Maui, Hawaii and loving life!


kaanapali beach maui hawaii double rainbow

Double Rainbow on Ka’anapali Beach Maui

Current Project Availability and Rates

Most projects I’m involved with are custom tailored to each client’s individual needs, with most of the online marketing funnel consulting work done through my partnership at Digital Business Legacy Consulting, LLC and much of the inbound marketing work done through my business partnership with Key Operations Network Corporation. If you and your business is looking for specific digital marketing services please see below for my rates and take a look at this page.

Please understand that whenever you’re choosing a service (from me or anyone else) you only have 3 options – cheap, good or fast. You can only pick 2 of those options (and I won’t sacrifice on quality….)

Online Marketing Services and Rates

  • Copywriting (emails, sales pages, landing pages, telemarketing scripts and rebuttals, etc) – starting at $290/project or 15% of profits
  • Consulting (digital marketing, online marketing funnels, inbound lead generation, conversion rate optimization, etc) – starting at $890/mo or 20% of profits
  • Coaching (email marketing, affiliate marketing, video marketing, digital product creation, etc) – starting at $490/mo and 10% of profits

Current Affiliate Marketing Partners:

If you or your business wants to get a custom quote for your particular online marketing project, click here to email me directly.

 Previous Work Experience

Diamond Resorts International: Sedona, AZ Offices – 9 years

Starting as an OPC marketing agent and promoted to marketing manager within the first 2 years, I increased gross sales by 120% in the first year of managing the owner revisit telemarketing program. Due to the success of the procedures I implemented, I developed phone rooms throughout the country for this marketing segment.

Accomplishments and Responsibilities:

  • OPC rookie of the year award 2004
  • OPC of the year award 2005
  • Chairman’s Club Award 2008 and 2009
  • Recruit, hire, train and lead teams of 35+ marketing agents to meet and exceed specific goals
  • Negotiated contracts and implemented procedures to increase productivity, profitability and efficiencies of marketing department.

Civic Development Group: New Jersey Offices – 7 years

Starting as a telemarketer, I quickly advanced to assistant floor manager within the first year of employment. Had the knowledge and capabilities to fill in for a variety of positions within the office as needed. After receiving a certificate from Chubb Institute for Web Development and Business Programming, I worked in the corporate office as programming analyst until moving to Sedona, AZ.

Accomplishments and Responsibilities:

  • Solicited donations via cold calling
  • Managed 15+ telemarketing agents to meet and exceed specific goals
  • Provided technical scripting support to 39 call centers across the country

Formal Education

2009 / Best School of Real Estate
-Arizona Department of Real Estate Salesperson:
Licensee #SA630444000 (not renewed since move to Maui, Hawaii in 2013)

2002 / Chubb Institute of Technology
-Web Development and Business Programming


Oh, yeah…you can join me in helping people that are willing to do what it takes to help themselves by clicking the image below and lending to someone on Kiva.org –


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